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    Rolf Hilgenfeld, Subhash G. Vasudevan, editors.
    Summary: "This contributed volume contains 25 chapters from leading international scientists working on dengue and Zika viruses, who came together in Praia do Tofo in Mozambique to discuss the latest developments in the fields of epidemiology, pathogenesis, structural virology, immunology, antiviral drug discovery and development, vaccine efficacy, and mosquito control programs. The meeting venue offered an opportunity to discuss current research on these flaviviruses in an idyllic setting, and also to develop first-hand appreciation of the issues in infectious diseases facing developing countries and of the research gaps in Africa. For readers, who should include basic and clinical researchers in the field and public health professionals, the chapters are organized to provide a comprehensive overview of the various topics in current dengue and Zika virus research. A unique feature of the proceedings of this meeting is the inclusion of the discussions that took place following presentations. These have been transcribed and appended to the end of the relevant chapters, and they form the "salt in the soup" of this book."-- Provided by publisher.

    Chapter 1. Arboviruses on the rise
    Chapter 2. Historical perspective of arboviruses in Mozambique and its implication for current and future epidemics
    Chapter 3. Reliable serological testing for the diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases
    Chapter 4. Flaviviral RNA structures and their role in replication and immunity
    Chapter 5. The Molecular Specificity of the Human Antibody Response to Dengue Virus Infections
    Chapter 6. Structures of Zika virus E & NS1: relations with virus infection and host immune responses
    Chapter 7. Plugging the leak- is dengue a case of aseptic shock with NS1 at its center
    Chapter 8. Entry & NS1 as drug targets
    Chapter 9. The dengue virus replication complex: from RNA replication to protein-protein interactions to evasion of innate immunity
    Chapter 10. Crystal structure of Zika virus NS2B-NS3 protease
    Chapter 11. The transactions of NS3 and NS5 in Dengue viral RNA replication
    Chapter 12. Establishment and application of flavivirus replicons
    Chapter 13. Strategies towards protease inhibitors for emerging flaviviruses
    Chapter 14. Discovery of potent non-nucleoside inhibitors of dengue viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from fragment screening and structure-guided design
    Chapter 15. Nuclear cytoplasmic trafficking of dengue non-structural protein 5 as a target for antivirals
    Chapter 16. Animal Models for Dengue and Zika Vaccine Development
    Chapter 17. Understandingthe human T cell response to dengue virus
    Chapter 18. Regulation and function of NK and T cells during dengue virus infection and vaccination
    Chapter 19. Structural insights into the broad-spectrum antiviral target Endoplasmic Reticulum alpha glucosidase II
    Chapter 20. Mechanisms of antiviral activity of iminosugars against dengue virus
    Chapter 21. Countering Zika Virus: The USAMRIID Response
    Chapter 22. Dengue Antiviral Development: A Continuing Journey
    Chapter 23. An industry perspective on dengue drug discovery and development
    Chapter 24. The use of Wolbachia by the Eliminate Dengue program to interrupt transmission of Aedes Aegypti transmitted viruses
    Chapter 25. Seroepidemiological studies of Arboviruses in Africa.
    Digital Access Springer 2018