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    edited by Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu.
    1. Treatment strategies in cancer from past to present -- 2. Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems: challenges and opportunities -- 3. Nanotechnology applications in drug controlled release -- 4. Target-specific delivery: an insight -- 5. Stimuli-responsive nanosystems for drug-targeted delivery -- 6. Stimuli sensitive ocular drug delivery systems -- 7. Stimuli-sensitive nanomaterials for antimicrobial drug delivery -- 8. Stimuli-responsive micelles: a nanoplatform for therpeutic and diagnostic applications -- 9. Design of targeting pepetides for nanodrugs for treatment of infectious diseases and cancer -- 10. Targeting drugs to cell and organ using nanoparticles -- 11. Extracellular vesicles as a recipe for design smart drug delivery systems for cancer therapy -- 12. Advancements in exogeneous techniques for stimuli-sensitive delivery systems -- 13. Ligand-directed tumor targeting with hybrid viral phage nanoparticles -- 14. Delivering miRNA modulators for cancer treatment -- 15. Oral controlled and sustained drug delivery systems: concepts, advances, preclinical and clinical status -- 16. Hydrogels: from simple networks to smart materials- advances and applications -- 17. Recent advances in understanding of blood-brain tumor barrier (BTB) permeability mechanisms that enable better detectino and treatment of brain tumors -- 18. Polymeric nanocarriers for site-specific gene therapy -- 19. Cyclodextrin-based polymeric nanosystems -- 20. Lipid nanoparticles: in vitro and in vivo approaches in drug delivery and targeting -- Index.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2018