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    edited by Alan Lewis, University of Bath.
    Introduction / Alan Lewis -- Part I. Theory & Method. Theory and method in economics and psychology : levels and depth of explanation / Denis Hilton -- What lessons does the 'replication crisis' in psychology hold for experimental economics? / Nick Bardsley -- Part II. Finance. Looking into the future : how investors forecast the stock market / J. Michael Collins, Werner De Bondt and Karl-Erik Wärneryd -- Speculative bubbles : insights from behavioral finance / Werner De Bondt -- Intertemporal choice : choosing for the future / Daniel Read, Rebecca McDonald and Lisheng He -- Debt : beyond Homo Economicus / Matthew Sparkes, Julia Gumy and Brendan Burchell -- Unemployment and well-being / Alex J. Wood and Brendan Burchell -- Money management in households / Bernadette Kamleitner, Eva Marckhgott and Erich Kirchler -- Socially responsible investing / Christopher J. Cowton -- Part III. Private Sector Consumer Behaviour and the Firm. Consumption, income and happiness / Aaron Ahuvia -- Consumers and households : materialism, nonmaterialism, and subjective well-being / Gerrit Antonides and Chris van Klaveren -- An economic psychology of the marketing firm / Gordon R. Foxall -- Part IV. Public Sector Consumer Behaviour. Tax psychology / Jerome Olsen, Minjo Kang and Erich Kirchler -- New ways of understanding tax compliance : from the laboratory to the real world / Michael Hallsworth -- 'Individual failure' and a behavioural public sector economics / Lory Barile, John Cullis and Philip Jones -- Part V. Environment. Towards sustainable lifestyles : understanding the policy challenge / Tim Jackson and Carmen Smith -- Understanding residential sustainable energy and policy preferences / Goda Perlaviciute, Linda Steg and Ellen van der Werff -- Household production of photovoltaic energy : issues in economic behavior / Paul C. Stern, Inga Wittenberg, Kimberly S. Wolske and Ingo Kastner -- Economic and psychological determinants of ownership, use and changes in use of private cars / Tommy Gärling and Margareta Friman -- Voluntary individual carbon trading : friend or foe? / Clive L. Spash and Hendrik Theine -- Part VI. Biological Perspectives. Neuroeconomics / Ifat Levy and Daniel Ehrlich -- The importance of evolutionary psychology for the understanding of economic behavior / Detlef Fechtenhauer and Anne-Sophie Lang -- Evolutionary economics and psychology / Ulrich Wilt -- Part VII. New Horizons. Motivation and awards / Bruno S. Frey and Jana Gallus -- Fuzzy-trace theory : judgments, decisions and neuroeconomics / David Garavito, Rebecca Weldon and Valerie Reyna -- Robots, cyborgs and consumption / Russell Belk -- End piece : behavioural change and 'nudge' / Alan Lewis.
    Digital Access  Cambridge 2018