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  • Book
    edited by Sudhir Dixit, Ramjee Prasad.
    Digital : Wiley2017
    1. Introduction to human bond communication -- 2. General concepts behind human bond communication -- 3. Advanced reconfigurable 5G architectures for human bond communication -- 4. Data mining of the human being -- 5. Human-centric IoT networks -- 6. Body as a network node: key is the oral cavity -- 7. Human bond communication using cognitive radio approach for efficient spectrum utilization -- 8. Technology advancement and integration in the context of wildlife conservation -- 9. An investigation of security and privacy for human bond communication -- 10. The Internet of Everything and beyond: the interplay between things and humans -- 11. Human bond communications in health: ethical and legal issues -- 12. Human bond communication: a new and unexplored frontier for intellectual property and Information and Communciation Technology law -- 13. Predicting the future of ICT: a historical perspective -- 14. Human bond communication beyond 2050 -- Index.