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    edited by Stefan Przyborski.
    1. An introduction to the third dimension for routine cell culture -- Part I. Aggregate-Based Technologies -- 2. Gravity-enforced microtissue engineering -- 3. Physiologically relevant spheroid models for three-dimensional cell culture -- 4. NanoCulture Plate: a scaffold-based high-throughput three-dimensional cell culture system suitable for live imaging and co-culture -- 5. Micro-moulded non-adhesive hydrogels to form multicellular microtissues- the 3D petri dish -- 6. Organotypic microtissues on an air-liquid interface -- Part II. Hydrogels -- 7. Materials and assay systems used for three-dimensional cell culture -- 8. HyStem, a customisable hyaluronan-based hydrogel matrix for 3D cell culture -- 9. 3-D life biomimetric hyrdogels: a modular system for cell environment design -- Part III. Scaffolds -- 10. Alvetex, a highly porous polystyrene scaffold for routine three-dimensional cell culture -- 11. CelluSponge and Go Matrix as innovative three-dimensional cell culture platforms -- 12. Mimetix electrospun scaffold: an easy-to-use tool for 3D cell culture in drug discovery and regenerative medicine -- Part IV. 3D Bioreactor Technologies -- 13. Quasi Vivo bioreactor technology -- 14. Three-dimensional cell-based assays in hollow fibre bioreactors -- 15. Three-dimensional engineered tissues for high-throughput compound screening: mechanical properties of skin and ageing -- 16. Three-dimensional cell culture in the Rotary Cell Culture System -- Glossary -- Index.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2017