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    edited by Bruce Bongar, Glenn Sullivan, Larry James.
    Introduction to military suicide / Elvin Sheykhani, Lori Holleran, Kasie Hummel, Bruce Bongar
    Why suicide? / Victoria Kendrick, Lori Holleran, David Hart, Dana Lockwood, Tracy Vargo, Bruce Bongar
    Suicide and the American military's experience in Iraq and Afghanistan / Joseph Tomlins, Whitney Bliss, Larry James, Bruce Bongar
    Suicide in the Army National Guard : findings, interpretations, and implications for prevention / James Griffith
    Combat experience and the acquired capability for suicide / Craig J. Bryan, Tracy A. Clemans, Ann Marie Hernandez
    Combat-related killing and the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide / Lindsey L. Monteith, Shira Maguen
    Suicide risk assessment with combat veterans-Part I : contextual factors / Christopher G. Ahnallen, Abby Adler, Phillip M. Kleespies
    Suicide risk assessment with combat veterans-Part II : assessment and management / Phillip M. Kleespies, Abby Adler, Christopher G. Ahnallen
    Driving themselves to death : covert and subintentional suicide among veterans / Glenn Sullivan, Phillip C. Kroke, Timothy B. Hostler
    Identifying MMPI-2 risk factors for suicide / John J. Barreto, Roger L. Greene
    Ethical issues in the treatment of suicidal military personnel and veterans / W. Brad Johnson, Gerald P. Koocher
    Evidence-based treatments for PTSD : clinical considerations for PTSD and comorbid suicidality / Afsoon Eftekhari, Sara J. Landes, Katherine C. Bailey, Hana J. Shin, Josef I. Ruzek
    The collaborative assessment and management of suicidality with suicidal service members / David A. Jobes, Blaire C. Schembari, Keith W. Jennings
    Healing the hidden wounds of war : treating the combat veteran with PTSD for risk of suicide / Herbert Hendin
    Understanding traumatic brain injury and suicide through the lens of executive dysfunction / Beeta Y. Homaifar, Melodi Billera, Sean M. Barnes, Nazanin Bahraini, Lisa A. Brenner
    The problem of suicide in the United States Special Operation Forces / Bruce Bongar, Kate Maslowski, Catherine Hausman, Danielle Spangler, Tracy Vargo
    Managing suicide in the older veteran / Bavna B. Vyas, Lisa M. Brown, David Dosa, Diane L. Elmore
    Person-centered suicide prevention in primary care settings / Paul R. Duberstein, Marsha Wittink, Wilfred R. Pigeon
    Caring letters for military suicide prevention / David D. Luxton.
    Digital Access Oxford 2017