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    edited by Geraldine B Hunt.
    Can't you do anything right / Geraldine B Hunt -- Beastly bellies / Geraldine B Hunt -- The Friday night special, or, Why do patients become critical just before the weekend? / Geraldine B Hunt -- Between a rock and a hard place : when to refer and what do you do when referral is not an option -- Courage, mystery and awe : the intangibles of being a veterinary doctor / Julie M Meadows -- Placed on earth to test us : the not-so-humble spay / Catherine F Le Bars -- "Oops!", not a good word to hear during surgery / Geraldine B Hunt -- Learning the hard way : student, resident, teacher / Geraldine B Hunt -- "But I don't want to look stupid" : how to let others help you / Geraldine B Hunt -- "It didn't look like that on paper" / Geraldine B Hunt -- It will be interesting to see whether that works : how to be a creative surgeon / Geraldine B Hunt -- When the unthinkable happens : mishaps, mis-steps and medical errors / Geraldine B Hunt -- "Things went south, now what?" / Geraldine B Hunt -- There's got to be a morning after : things went wrong, now live with it / Geraldine B Hunt -- One leg too many : patients who lost limbs / Geraldine B Hunt -- Reconstruction rescue : when the hole just keeps getting bigger and bigger / Geraldine B Hunt -- "Why is Sam straining?" : iatrogenic strictures and stray oddities / Geraldine B Hunt -- "An alien in my waiting room" : everyday occurences of the unexpected and unbelievable / Geraldine B Hunt -- Rewind : what would I do differently if I had the chance / Geraldine B Hunt.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2017