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    Rita Hamad.
    Social and economic factors during childhood are known to influence health later in life. These include factors like poverty and education. The objective of this dissertation is to apply cutting-edge methods to study the effects of early life social and economic conditions on health and mortality. This will help guide the development of interventions and policies to address these risk factors. This dissertation is made up of three studies with the following goals: (1) characterize the impacts of childhood family income on child development; (2) examine the effects of state-level social and economic factors during childhood on later health and mortality; (3) identify the effect of educational attainment on chronic disease outcomes and biomarkers. Each of the three projects involves the linkage of multiple large data sets including thousands of individuals spanning years or decades. The unifying theme of these projects is the use of cutting-edge rigorous methods. In each of these studies, I find that the childhood social and economic factors described above are associated with later health. I review the implications of these projects for the development of relevant policies and interventions. In a time when discussions around inequality are increasing, research such as this will better inform policy decisions to improve health among disadvantaged groups.
    Digital Access   2017