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    edited by Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu.
    Summary: Design of Nanostructures for Versatile Therapeutic Applications focuses on antimicrobial, antioxidant and nutraceutical applications of nanostructured materials. Many books discuss these subjects, but not from a pharmaceutical point-of-view. This book covers novel approaches related to the modulation of microbial biofilms, antimicrobial therapy and encapsulate polyphenols as antioxidants. Written by an internationally diverse group of academics, this book is an important reference resource for researchers, both in biomaterials science and the pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Nanotechnology and Parkinson's disease
    2. Stem cell and gene-based approaches for cardiac repair
    3. Nanostructured lipid carriers: revolutionizing skin care and topical therpeutics
    4. Nanotechnology for ocular drug delivery
    5. Polymeric nanoparticles and sponges in the control and stagnation of bleeding and wound healing
    6. Nanotechnology approaches to pulmonary drug delivery: targeted delivery of small molecule and gene-based therapeutics to the lung
    7. Brain targeting with lipidicnanocarriers
    8. Nanotechnolgical approaches to colon-specific drug delivery for modulating the quorum sensing of gut-associated pathogens
    9. Psoriasis vulgaris- pathophysiology of the disease and its classical treatment versus new drug delivery systems
    10. Getting under the skin: cyclodextrin inclusion for the controlled delivery of active substances to the dermis
    11. Preparation of high-valence bifunctional silver nanparticles for wound-healing applications
    12. Metal nanoparticles as potent antimicrobial nanomachetes with an emphasis on nanogold and nanosilver
    13. Modulation of microbial quorum sensing: nanotechnological approaches
    14. Lipid-based colloidal carriers for topical application of antiviral drugs
    15. Encapsulation of pharmaceutically active dietary polyphenols in cyclodextrin-based nanovehicles: insights from spectroscopic studies
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2018