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    Krisa Tailor.
    Summary: "The future of the health care industry rests on advanced analytics Health Data's Destiny provides a visionary overview of how advanced analytics is set to transform the health care industry. Beginning with the plethora of opportunities already in place, this book addresses the ways in which each stakeholder--payers, providers, governments, consumers, entrepreneurs, employers, and others--can benefit from the next generation of health data. The future of the industry is laid out in terms of technology, data sources, and integrated systems, giving you an expansive, holistic, yet reality-based preview of what's to come. Claims and clinical data are only the beginning; upcoming sources like mobile applications, wearable technology, and more are beginning to provide the kind of patient data that will lead to an integrated, connected health care system in which advanced analytics is key in establishing premier patient care. The health care industry's size, scope, and sheer complexity make developing an integrated system all the more difficult. This book shows how big data and advanced analytics can streamline the process and make the vision a reality. Improve outcomes, reduce cost, and establish the best patient care Learn how data is being used, and how it will continue to evolve Discover how up-and-coming data sources will revolutionize health care Stay on the front lines of innovation with mobile and "wearable" data Data is the future of health care, and smart organizations are putting systems and strategies in place now to continue providing top-of-the-line care as technology evolves and the environment changes. Health Data's Destiny gives you a preview of the future, so you can stay out in front and not get left behind"-- Provided by publisher.
    Digital Access Wiley 2016