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    [edited by] Jerome F. Strauss III, Robert L. Barbieri ; video editor, Antonio R. Gargiulo.
    Part 1. Endocrinology of reproduction. Neuroendocrinology of reproduction -- Gonadotropin hormones and their receptors -- Prolactin in human reproduction -- Steroid hormones and other lipid molecules involved in human reproduction -- Steroid hormone action -- Growth factors and reproduction -- Neuroendocrine control of the menstrual cycle -- The ovarian life cycle -- Structure, function, and evaluation of the female reproductive tract -- The breast -- Endocrinology of human pregnancy and fetal-placental neuorendocrine development -- Hypothalamo-pituitary unit, testis, and male accessory organs -- Immunology and reproduction -- Menopause and aging -- Male reproductive aging -- Part 2. Pathophysiology and therapy: pediatric, adolescent, and adult. Disorders of sex development -- Puberty: gonadarche and adrenarche -- Nutrition and reproduction -- Environmental factors and reproduction -- Physiological and pathophysiological alterations of the neuroendocrine components of the reproductive axis -- Polycystic ovary syndrome and hyperandrogenic states -- Female infertility -- Male infertility -- Endocrine disturbances affecting reproduction -- Endometriosis -- Benign uterine diseases -- Endocrine diseases in pregnancy -- Transgender hormonal treatment -- Hormone-responsive cancers -- Part 3. Reproductive technologies. Medical approaches to ovarian stimulation for infertility -- Assisted reproduction -- Gamete and embryo manipulation -- Fertility preservation -- Laboratory asessment -- Pelvic imaging in reproductive endocrinology -- Contraception.
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