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  • Book
    edited by Stefan Bosse, Dirk Lehmhus, Walter Lang and Matthias Busse.
    Digital : Wiley2018
    Front Matter -- Introduction. On Concepts and Challenges of Realizing Material-Integrated Intelligent Systems / Stefan Bosse, Dirk Lehmhus -- System Development. Design Methodology for Intelligent Technical Systems / Mareen Va€holz, Roman Dumitrescu, Jürgen Gausemeier -- Smart Systems Design Methodologies and Tools / Nicola Bombieri, Franco Fummi, Giuliana Gangemi, Michelangelo Grosso, Enrico Macii, Massimo Poncino, Salvatore Rinaudo -- Sensor Technologies. Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) / Li Yunjia -- Fiber-Optic Sensors / Yi Yang, Kevin Chen, Nikhil Gupta -- Electronics Development for Integration / Jan Vanfleteren -- Material Integration Solutions. Sensor Integration in Fiber-Reinforced Polymers / Maryam Kahali Moghaddam, Mariugenia Salas, Michael Koerdt, Christian Brauner, Martina Hübner, Dirk Lehmhus, Walter Lang -- Integration in Sheet Metal Structures / Welf-Guntram Drossel, Roland Müller, Matthias Nestler, Sebastian Hensel -- Sensor and Electronics Integration in Additive Manufacturing / Dirk Lehmhus, Matthias Busse -- Signal and Data Processing: The Sensor Node Level. Analog Sensor Signal Processing and Analog-to-Digital Conversion / John Horstmann, Marco Ramsbeck, Stefan Bosse -- Digital Real-Time Data Processing with Embedded Systems / Stefan Bosse, Dirk Lehmhus -- The Known World: Model-Based Computing and Inverse Numeric / Armin Lechleiter, Stefan Bosse -- The Unknown World: Model-Free Computing and Machine Learning / Stefan Bosse -- Robustness and Data Fusion / Stefan Bosse -- Networking and Communication: The Sensor Network Level. Communication Hardware / Tim Tiedemann -- Networks and Communication Protocols / Stefan Bosse -- Distributed and Cloud Computing: The Big Machine / Stefan Bosse -- The Mobile Agent and Multiagent Systems / Stefan Bosse -- Energy Supply. Energy Management and Distribution / Stefan Bosse -- Microenergy Storage / Robert Kun, Chi Chen, Francesco Ciucci -- Energy Harvesting / Rolanas Dauksevicius, Danick Briand -- Application Scenarios. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) / Dirk Lehmhus, Matthias Busse -- Achievements and Open Issues Toward Embedding Tactile Sensing and Interpretation into Electronic Skin Systems / Ali Ibrahim, Luigi Pinna, Lucia Seminara, Maurizio Valle -- Intelligent Materials in Machine Tool Applications: A Review / Hans-Christian Möhring -- New Markets/Opportunities through Availability of Product Life Cycle Data / Thorsten Wuest, Karl Hribernik, Klaus-Dieter Thoben -- Human-Computer Interaction with Novel and Advanced Materials / Tanja Döring, Robert Porzel, Rainer Malaka -- Index