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    volume editors, Alberto Piaggesi, Jan Apelqvist.
    The diabetic foot syndrome today : a pandemic uprise / J. Apelqvist -- A complication of the complications : the complexity of pathogenesis and the role of co-morbidities in the diabetic foot syndrome / M. Meloni, V. Izzo, L. Giurato, L. Uccioli -- Re-evaluating the outcomes in diabetic foot management / G. Clerici, E. Iacopi, M. Caminiti, A. Casini, V. Curci, E. Faglia, A. Piaggesi -- The Charcot's foot revisited : how the new pathogenetic findings explain the clinical course of the disease / N.L. Petrova -- Diabetic peripheral arteriopathy : a tale of two diseases / M.E. Edmonds, C. Shanahan, N. Petrova -- Does microangiopathy contribute to the pathogenesis of the diabetic foot syndrome? / A. Coppelli, L. Abbruzzese, C. Goretti, E. Iacopi, N. Riitano, A. Piaggesi -- The organization of care for the diabetic foot syndrome : a time-dependent network / A. Piaggesi, L. Abbruzzese, A. Coppelli, E. Iacopi, N. Riitano, C. Goretti -- Offloading the diabetic foot : the evolution of an integrated strategy / S.A. Bus -- Surgical management of the Charcot's foot / L. Dalla Paola, G. Scavone, A. Carone, L. Vasilache, G. Boscarinoa -- Indications to revascularization in the ischaemic diabetic foot / R. Ferraresi, F. Losurdo, R. Lorenzoni, M. Ferraris, M. Caminiti, A. Casini -- An integrated approach for the effective management of limb-threatening ischaemia in the diabetic foot / J.L. Mills -- Resistant infections in the diabetic foot : a frightening scenario / C. Tascini -- Antibacterial treatment in diabetic foot infections / E. Senneville -- The role of surgery in the management of the infected diabetic foot / J. Aragón-Sánchez -- Local management of diabetic foot ulcers, dressings and other local treatments / F.L. Game -- Towards extending ulcer-free days in remission in the diabetic foot syndrome / J.A. Boghossian, J.D. Miller, D.G. Armstrong.
    Digital Access  Karger 2018