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    Himadri B. Bohidar and Kamla Rawat.
    Summary: Adopting a unique approach, this book provides a thorough, one-stop introduction to nanoscience and self-assembly of nanomaterials composed of such materials as metals, metal oxides, metal sulphides, polymers, and biopolymers. Clearly divided into three sections covering the main aspects of nanoscience, the first part deals with the basic principles of nanoscale science. Alongside essential approaches and forces, this section also covers thermodynamics, phase transitions, and applications to biological systems. The second and third parts then go on to provide a detailed description of the synthesis of inorganic and organic nanoparticles, respectively. With its interdisciplinary content of importance to many different branches of nanoscience, this is essential reading for material scientists, physicists, biophysical chemists, chemical engineers, and biotechnologists alike.

    Nanoscale Science. Introduction
    Essential Approaches and Forces
    Thermodynamics of Nanosystems
    Phase Transitions and Stability at Nanoscale
    Interactions with Biomolecules and Applications to Biology
    Bottom-Up Assembly of Inorganic Nanoparticles. Metal Nanoparticles
    Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
    Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles
    Self-Assembly of Organic Nanoparticles. Polymeric Nanoparticles
    Biopolymeric Nanoparticles.
    Digital Access Wiley 2017