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    [edited by] Jonna Fries and Veronica Sullivan.
    What are eating disorders? / Therese Waterhous
    The psychology of an eating disorder : etiology and risk factors / Cathey Soutter
    Physiology of an eating disorder / Vicki Berkus
    The treatment of eating disorders / Jonna Fries and Veronica Sullivan
    Nutrition therapy : evolution, collaboration, and counseling skills / Sondra Kronberg
    Eating disorders in college students / Mandy Golman, Marilyn Massey-Stokes, and Susan Karpiel
    Eating disorders in athletes / Kate Bennett
    Pregnancy and eating disorders / Maggie Baumann and Jessica Setnick
    Eating disorders in males / Helen B. Murray and Adelaide S. Robb
    Eating disorders and type 1 diabetes / Carolyn Costin, Gail Prosser, and Jacque Mular
    Eating disorders in racial/ethnic minorities / Anna M. Bardone-Cone, M.K. Higgins, and Stacy L. Lin
    Eating disorders in women at midlife and beyond : a bio-psycho-social-relational perspective / Margo Maine and Karen Samuels
    Eating disorders in sexual and gender minorities / Jonna Fries.
    Digital Access TandFonline 2017