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    [edited by] Carin A. Hagberg, Carlos A. Artime, Michael F. Aziz.
    Functional anatomy of the airway -- Radiographic and cross-sectional imaging of the airway -- Ultrasonography in airway management -- Physics of the airway -- Physiology of the airway -- Airway pharmacology -- Physiologic and pathophysiologic responses to intubation -- Definition and incidence of the difficult airway -- Airway assessment and prediction of the difficult airway -- Development of an airway management plan -- Algorithms for management of the difficult airway -- Preparation of the patient for awake intubation -- Aspiration prevention and prophylaxis : preoperative considerations for the full stomach patient -- Preoxygenation -- Techniques to induce general anesthesia -- History of airway management -- Oxygen delivery systems, inhalation, and respiratory therapy -- Noninvasive management of the airway -- Supraglottic airway techniques : laryngeal mask airways -- Supraglottic airway techniques : nonlaryngeal mask airways -- Laryngoscopic tracheal intubation -- Blind intubation techniques -- Intubating introducers and lighted and optical stylets -- Video-assisted laryngoscopy -- Flexible scope intubation techniques -- Separation of the two lungs : double-lumen tubes, endobronchial blockers, and endobronchial single-lumen tubes -- Percutaneous emergency airway access -- Rigid bronchoscopy -- Surgical airway -- Confirmation of tracheal intubation -- Prehospital airway management -- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and airway management -- Austere environment and disaster preparedness -- Airway management in the trauma patient -- Airway management in burn patients -- Airway management in pediatric patients -- Airway management in obstetric patients -- Airway management in head and neck surgery -- Anesthesia for laser airway surgery -- Airway management in neurosurgical patients -- Obesity, sleep apnea, the airway, and anesthesia -- Regional anesthesia and the difficult airway -- Airway management in nonoperating room locations -- Airway management in intensive care medicine -- Endotracheal tube and respiratory care -- Mechanical ventilation -- Monitoring the airway and pulmonary function -- Extubation and reintubation of the difficult airway -- Complications of managing the airway -- Airway management education -- Dissemination of critical airway information -- Airway research -- Airway management and outcomes reporting -- Role of the airway community.
    Digital Access  ClinicalKey 2018