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  • Book
    edited by Marilyn S. Arsham, Margaret J. Barch, Helen J. Lawce.
    Digital : Wiley2017
    The cell and cell division / Margaret J Barch, Helen J Lawce -- Cytogenetics: an overview / Helen J Lawce, Michael G Brown -- Peripheral blood cytogenetic methods / Helen J Lawce, Michael G Brown -- General cell culture principles and fibroblast culture / Debra F Saxe, Kristin M May, Jean H Priest -- Prenatal chromosome diagnosis / Kristin M May, Debra F Saxe, Jean H Priest -- Chromosome stains / Helen J Lawce -- Human chromosomes: identification and variations / Helen J Lawce, Luke Boyd -- ISCN: the universal language of cytogenetics / Marilyn S Arsham, Lisa G Shaffer -- Constitutional chromosome abnormalities / Kathleen Kaiser-Rogers -- Genomic imprinting / R Ellen Magenis -- Cytogenetic analysis of hematologic malignant diseases / Nyla A Heerema -- Cytogenetic methods and findings in human solid tumors / Marilu Nelson -- Chromosome instability syndromes / Yassmine Akkari -- Microscopy and imaging / Margaret J Barch, Helen J Lawce -- Computer imaging / Christine E Haessig -- Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) / Helen J Lawce, Jeffrey S Sanford -- Multicolor FISH (SKY and M-FISH) and CGH / Turid Knutsen -- Genomic microarray technologies for the cytogenetics laboratory / Bhavana J Davé, Warren G Sanger -- Mathematics for the cytogenetic technologist / Patricia K Dowling -- Selected topics on safety, equipment maintenance, and compliance for the cytogenetics laboratory / Helen Jenks, Janet Krueger -- A system approach to quality / Peggy J Stupca, Sheryl A Tran -- Laboratory management / Mervat S Ayad, Adam Sbeiti -- Laboratory information system / Peining Li, Richard Van Rheeden -- Animal cytogenetics / Marlys L Houck, Teri L Lear, Suellen J Charter -- Online genetic resources and references / Wahab A Khan.