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  • Book
    volume editors, Martin Wabitsch, Carsten Posovszky.
    Digital : Karger2017
    Gastrointestinal hormones induced the birth of endocrinology / Wabitsch, M. -- The changing concept of gut endocrinology / Rehfeld, J.F. -- Development and anatomy of the enteroendocrine system in humans / Posovszky, C. -- Incretins and their endocrine and metabolic functions / Seufert, J. -- Role of incretin hormones in bowel diseases / Zietek, T., Waldschmitt, N., Rath, E. -- Ghrelin and growth / Perchard, R., Clayton, P.E. -- Development of sweet taste perception : implications for artificial sweetener use / Sylvetsky, A.C., Conway, E.M., Malhotra, S., Rother, K.I. -- Just a gut feeling : central nervous effects of peripheral gastrointestinal hormones / RoTh, C.L., Doyle, R.P. -- Gastrointestinal endocrinology in bariatric surgery / Wabitsch, M. -- Enteroendocrine cells : metabolic relays between microbes and their host / Plovier, H., Cani, P.D. -- Treatment of diabetes and obesity by rationally designed peptide agonists functioning at multiple metabolic receptors / Khajavi, N., Biebermann, H., Tschöp, M., DiMarchi, R.