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    William Lord Coleman.
    Sect. A: The child, the family and the pediatric care professional -- Who should read this book -- Qualifications of pediatric care professionals to work at the family level -- Understanding family systems and resolving issues within the family context -- The family system: a mobile as a metaphor -- Sect. B: Clinical applications: preparing for a family visit -- Concerns suitable for family interviewing -- Detecting a family-centered issue: 3 clinical settings, responding to a telephone call, and coding considerations -- Ways to suggest a family meeting and dos and don'ts -- Case study 8.1: suggesting a family meeting -- Whod should attend a family meeting -- Arranging the office for a family meeting -- Scheduling a family meeting -- Communication skills -- Techniques to facilitate a successful family interview -- Techniques for dealing with difficult families -- Common pitfalls to avoid -- Sect. D: The family interview: a detailed description -- The 4 steps to a family interview with case studies -- After the interview: the post-interview phase and follow-up -- Family interviewing: 3 brief case studies -- Sect. E: Conceptual models of family interviewing with case studies -- Virginia satir-the communication models: strategies to improve family communication -- Family communication issues: selected examples of the satir model, specific interventions, and the case studies -- Salvador minuchin: the structural family model -- Jay Haley: the problem-solving model -- The family with a son with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: selected examples of the satir, minuchin, and haley models -- The brief solution-oriented model -- An example of the solution-oriented model -- The ABC model -- An example of the ABC model -- Sect. F: Techniques for assessing and enhancing family functioning -- Observing family activities in the meeting -- Gathering more information by further interviewing -- Suggestions to enhance family functioning with case studies -- Sect. G: Special topics -- Making a mental health referral with case study -- Correct use of procedural and diagnostic codes to document family-focused pediatric care.
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