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    volume editors, Gaetano La Manna, Claudio Ronco.
    Extracorporeal treatments in patients with acute kidney injury and sepsis / M. Marengo, S. Dellepiane, V. Cantaluppi -- Citrate anticoagulation during continuous renal replacement therapy / D. Ricci, L. Panicali, M.G. Facchini, E. Mancini -- Coupled plasma filtration adsorption application for liver and thyroid toxins / G. Donati, I. Capelli, A.L. Croci Chiocchini, N. Natali, A. Scrivo, G. La Manna -- Extracorporeal sorbent technologies : basic concepts and clinical application / W.R. Clark, F. Ferrari, G. La Manna, C. Ronco -- Development of the new Kibou equipment for continuous renal replacement therapy from scratch to the final configuration / M. Neri, A. Lorenzin, A. Brendolan, F. Garzotto, F. Ferrari, S. De Rosa, R. Bonato, G. Villa, S. Bazzano, F. D'Ippoliti, Z. Ricci, G. La Manna, C. Ronco -- Phosphate in chronic kidney disease progression / M. Cozzolino, D. Foque, P. Ciceri, E. Ottaviano, A. Galassi -- FGF23 : mineral metabolism and beyond / A. Grabner, S. Mazzaferro, G. Cianciolo, S. Krick, I. Capelli, S. Rotondi, C. Ronco, G. La Manna, C. Faul -- Restenosis in hemodialytic fistulas and chronic kidney disease-associated vascular disease : two pathologies driven by metakaryotic stem cells / G. Pasquinelli, W.G. Thilly, E.V. Gostjeva, P. Todeschini, G. Cianciolo, C. Ronco, G. La Manna -- Mycophenolate mofetil : a possible alternative treatment for IgA nephropathy / O. Baraldi, G. Comai, V. Cuna, M. Cappuccilli, C. Serra, C. Ronco, G. Manna -- Genetics and autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease progression / V. Corradi, A. Giuliani, F. Gastaldon, M. de Cal, B. Mancini, A. Montaldi, A. Alghisi, I. Capelli, G. La Manna, C. Ronco -- Expanded hemodialysis : a new therapy for a new class of membranes / C. Ronco, G. Manna -- Mathematical model of potassium profiling in chronic dialysis / M. Ursino, G. Donati -- Home hemodialysis : what Is old is new again / P.G. Kerr, J. Jaw -- Treatment of acute antibody-mediated rejection / G. Comai, M. Ravaioli, O. Baraldi, V. Cuna, L. Gasperoni, G.L. D'Arcangelo, M. Cappuccilli, A.D. Pinna, C. Ronco, G. La Manna -- Chronic allograft injury : an overview of pathogenesis and treatment strategies / H.M. Madariaga, L.V. Riella -- Looking into the graft without a biopsy : biomarkers of acute rejection in renal transplantation / A. Angeletti, P. Cravedi.
    Digital Access  Karger 2017