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    edited by Jian Jing.
    Summary: Network Functions and Plasticity: Perspectives from Studying Neuronal Electrical Coupling in Microcircuits focuses on the specific roles of electrical coupling in tractable, well-defined circuits, highlighting current research that offers novel insights for electrical coupling's roles in sensory and motor functions, neural computations, decision-making, regulation of network activity, circuit development, and learning and memory. Bringing together a diverse group of international experts and their contributions using a variety of approaches to study different invertebrate and vertebrate model systems with a focus on the role of electrical coupling/gap junctions in microcircuits, this book presents a timely contribution for students and researchers alike.

    Electrical coupling in Caenorhabditis elegans mechanosensory circuits / I. Rabinowitch, W.R. Schafer
    Neural circuits underlying escape behavior in Drosophila : focus on electrical signaling / P. Phelan, J.P. Bacon, J.M. Blagburn
    Gap junctions underlying labile memory / M.-F.M. Shih, C.-L. Wu
    The role of electrical coupling in rhythm generation in small networks / F. Nadim, X. Li, M. Gray, J. Golowasch
    Network functions of electrical coupling present in multiple and specific sites in behavior-generating circuits / J. Jing, E.C. Cropper, K.R. Weiss
    Electrical synapses and learning : induced plasticity in motor rhythmogenesis / R. Nargeot, A. Bédécarrats
    Electrical synapses and neuroendocrine cell function / N.S. Magoski
    Electrical synapses in fishes : their relevance to synaptic transmission / A.E. Pereda, M.V.L. Bennett
    Dynamic properties of electrically coupled retinal networks / S. Trenholm, G.B. Awatramani
    Circadian and light-adaptive control of electrical synaptic plasticity in the vertebrate retina / C.P. Ribelayga, J. O'Brien
    Electrical coupling in the generation of vertebrate motor rhythms / W.-C. Li, J.C. Rekling
    Implications of electrical synapse plasticity in the inferior olive / J.P. Welsh, J. Turecek
    Gap junctions between pyramidal cells account for a variety of very fast network oscillations (>80 Hz) in cortical structures / R.D. Traub, M.A. Whittington, A. Draguhn
    Lineage-dependent electrical synapse formation in the mammalian neocortex / S. He, S.-H. Shi.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2017