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    edited by Christopher J. McDougle.
    Digital : Oxford Medicine Online2016
    Section 1: Background and diagnostic assessment. From infantile autism to autism spectrum: evolution of the diagnostic concept / Fred R. Volkmar -- Social, cognitive, and behavioral development of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder / Kirstin Brown Birtwell, Brian Willoughby, and Lisa Nowinski -- Social, cognitive, and affective development of adults with autism spectrum disorder / Patricia Howlin and Iliana Magiati -- Differential diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder across the lifespan / Isobel W. Green, Christen L. Kidd, and Robert E. Accordino -- Medical evaluation of patients with autism spectrum disorder / Yamini J. Howe, Michelle L. Palumbo, and Ann Neumeyer -- Psychiatric comorbidity in autism spectrum disorder / Susan E. Folstein and Luis M. Carcache -- Neurological comorbidities in autism spectrum disorder / Fiona Baumer and Mustafa Sahin -- Genetic disorders associated with the autism spectrum disorder phenotype / Lawrence K. Fung and Allan L. Reiss -- Autism spectrum disorder in the elderly / Peter V. Rabins -- Section 2: Etiology. Neuroimaging of autism spectrum disorder / Nicole R. Zürcher and Jacob M. Hooker -- Genetics of autism spectrum disorder / Yamini J. Howe, Harrison Brand,and Michael E. Talkowski -- Epidemiology of autism spectrum disorder / Allison Presmanes Hill, Katharine Zuckerman, and Eric Fombonne -- Neuropathology of autism spectrum disorder / Matthew P. Anderson -- Immunological aspects of autism spectrum disorder / Thayne L. Sweeten and Christopher J. McDougle -- Section 3: Treatment. Behavioral treatment of autism spectrum disorder / Suzannah Iadarola and Tristram Smith -- Psychopharmacology of autism spectrum disorder / James T. McCracken and Michael Gandal -- Complementary and alternative (biomedical) treatments for autism spectrum disorder / Robert L. Hendren -- Speech and language assessment and treatment for autism spectrum disorder / Katelyn A. Bruno, Kristina L. Gulati, and Maria Mody -- Occupational therapy for autism spectrum disorder / Jennifer L. Stornelli -- Social skills training for autism spectrum disorder / D. Scott McLeod, Kristin W. Malatino, and Dorothy Lucci -- Section 4: Other care delivery services and perspectives. Educational issues in autism spectrum disorder / Samuel L. Odom, Veronica P. Fleury, Leslie C. Fox, Susan H. Hedges, Nigel P. Pierce, and Melissa A. Sreckovic -- Vocational rehabilitation and training for adults with autism spectrum disorder: history, practices, and new directions / Marji Erickson Warfield -- Adults with autism spectrum disorder: transition issues / Edward S. Brodkin -- Effective communication and management with the family and in the community / Naomi B. Swiezy, Tiffany J. Neal, Danielle Warner, and Kimberly Lo -- Autism spectrum disorder from a family perspective / Nancy Lurie Marks, Cathy Lurie, and Clarence E. Schutt -- From the perspective of a person with autism spectrum disorder / John M. Williams.