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    edited by Philip Lanzkowsky, Jeffrey M. Lipton, Jonathan D. Fish.
    Diagnostic molecular and genomic methodologies for the hematologist/oncologist -- Hematologic manifestations of systemic illness -- Classification and diagnosis of anemia in children -- Lymphadenopathy and diseases of the spleen -- Anemia during the neonatal period -- Iron-deficiency anemia -- Megaloblastic anemia -- Bone marrow failure -- General considerations of hemolytic diseases, red cell membrane, and enzyme defects -- Extracorpuscular hemolytic anemia -- Hemoglobinopathies -- Polycythemia -- Disorders of white blood cells -- Disorders of platelets -- Disorders of coagulation -- Lymphoproliferative disorders -- Myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloproliferative disorders -- Acute lymphoblastic leukemia -- Acute myeloid leukemia -- Histiocytosis syndromes -- Hodgkin lymphoma -- Non-Hodgkin lymphoma -- Central nervous system malignancies -- Neuroblastoma -- Renal tumors -- Rhabdomyosarcoma and other soft-tissue sarcomas -- Malignant bone tumors -- Retinoblastoma -- Germ cell tumors -- Hepatic tumors -- Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation -- Management of oncologic emergencies -- Supportive care of patients with cancer -- Evaluation, investigations, and management of late effects of childhood cancer -- Psychosocial aspects of cancer for children and their families -- Blood banking principles and practices -- Hematological reference values -- Biological tumor markers.
    Digital Access  ClinicalKey 2017