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    edited by Keith J. Ruskin, Marjorie P. Stielger, Stanley H. Rosenbaum.
    Patient safety : a brief history / Robert K. Stoelting
    Cognitive load theory and patient safety / Elizabeth Harry and John Sweller
    Errors and violations / Alan F. Merry
    The human-technology interface / Frank A. Drews and Jonathan R. Zadra
    Deliberate practice and acquisition of expertise / Keith Baker
    Fatigue / Michael Keane
    Situational awareness / Christian Schulz
    Creating a culture of safety / Thomas R. Chidester
    Adverse event prevention and management / Patrick J. Guffey and Martin Culwick
    Complex systems and approaches to quality improvement / Loren Riskin and Alex Macario
    Crisis resource management and patient safety in anesthesia practice / Amanda R. Burden, Jeffrey B. Cooper, and David M. Gaba
    Quality in medical education / Viji Kurup
    Regulating quality / Robert S. Lagasse
    Creating a quality management program / Richard P. Dutton
    Health information technology use for quality assurance and improvement / Christine Doyle
    Safety in remote locations / Samuel Grodofsky, Meghan Lane-Fall, and Mark S. Weiss
    Medication safety / Alan F. Merry
    Operating room fires and electrical safety / Stephan Cohn and P. Alan Klock Jr
    Disruptive behavior : the imperative for awareness and action / Sheri A. Keitz and David J. Birnbach
    Managing adverse events : the aftermath and the second victim effect / Sven Staender.
    Digital Access Oxford [2016]