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    edited by Helen Lavretsky, Martha Sajatovic, Charles Reynolds III.
    1. Exploring the Effects of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine Interventions on Late-life Mental Illness Through the Basic Mechanisms of Aging -- 2. Methodological Challenges in Developing and Delivering Preventive Health Interventions for Mental Health and Aging -- 3. Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices in Aging Adults -- 4. Natural Remedies for Mental Health and Aging -- 5. Human Intestinal Microbiota and Healthy Aging -- 6. Hormone Therapy, Mood, and Cognition -- 7. The Effects of Cannabis Use among Older Adults -- 8. Massage and Movement Therapies -- 9. Chiropractic Care -- 10. Homeopathic Treatment of Older Adults -- 11. Ayurveda for Healthy Aging and Health-Related Conditions -- 12. Aging and Mental Health from an Integrative East-West Perspective -- 13. Potential Use of Plant Adaptogens in Age-Related Disorders -- 14. Mind-Body Techniques to Improve Coping and Stress Response -- 15. Yoga as an Integrative Intervention in Healthy Aging and Aging-Related Disorders -- 16. Breathing Practices for Mental Health and Aging -- 17. Spiritual Issues and Interventions in Mental Health and Aging -- 18. Trance in Life Transitions: Hypnosis for Brain and Body -- 19. Creative Arts Therapies and Older Adults -- 20. Using the Internet to Find CAIM Resources for Mental Health Professionals and Their Older Patients -- 21. Resilience-Building Interventions for Successful and Positive Aging -- 22. Memory Training and Aging -- 23. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Agents in the Prevention of Late-Life Depression and Cognitive Decline -- 24. Lifestyle Interventions, Including Nutrition and Exercise, for Cognitive and Biological Aging -- 25. Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Late Life -- 26. Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine Interventions for Sleep Disorders in Older Adults -- 27. Acupuncture Treatment for Pain and Related Problems in the Elderly -- 28. Complementary and Integrative Interventions for Arthritis and Back Pain -- 29. Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine in the Treatment and Management of Dementia -- 30. Mind-Body Therapies for Cancer Survivors: Effects of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation on Cancer-related Physical and Behavioral Symptoms -- 31. Hospice and Palliative Settings -- 32. Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Integrative Therapies in Long-term and Dementia Care Settings: Alternative Therapies in Residential Dementia Care Settings -- 33. Therapeutic Gardens and Expressive Therapies.
    Digital Access  Oxford Medicine Online 2016