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    Patrick Haggard and Baruch Eitam.
    Volition. Time to act : the dynamics of agentive experiences / Elisabeth Pacherie -- Deconstructing voluntary action : unconscious and conscious component processes / Lara Krisst, Carlos Montemayor, and Ezequiel Morsella -- Action control by if-then planning : explicating the mechanisms of strategic automaticity in regard to objective and subjective agency / Torsten Martiny-Huenger, Sarah E. Martiny, and Peter M. Gollwitzer -- Neural correlates of intentions / Roee Gilron, Shiri Simon, and Roy Mukamel -- Explicit and implicit beliefs, attitudes, and intentions : the role of conscious and unconscious processes in human behavior / Icek Ajzen and Nilanjana Dasgupta -- The neural basis underlying the experience of control in the human brain / Lauren A. Leotti, Catherine Cho, and Mauricio R. Delgado -- Goals and the sense of agency : the case of goal conflicts / Tali Kleiman -- Determining authorship. Inference processes underlying the human experience of agency over operant actions / Myrthel Dogge and Henk Aarts -- Agency and outcome prediction / Antje Gentsch and Simone Schütz-Bosbach -- The relations between agency and body-ownership : additive or independent? / Manos Tsakiris -- The innate experience of self-agency / Philippe Rochat -- Motivation from control : a response selection framework / Noam Karsh and Baruch Eitam -- Beyond authorship. Comparators and weightings : neurocognitive accounts of agency / Matthis Synofzik -- Action control and the sense of agency / Bernhard Hommel -- Control and truth working together : the agentic experience of "going in the right direction" / E. Tory Higgins -- Disturbances. Sense of agency and its disruption : clinical and computational perspectives / Paul Fletcher and Aikaterini Fotopoulou -- Action generation, intention, and agency in motor and body awareness deficits / Anna Berti, Francesca Garbarini, and Lorenzo Pia -- Disorders of volition from neurological disease : altered awareness of action in neurological disorders / James B. Rowe and Noham Wolpe.
    Digital Access  OSO 2015