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  • Book
    edited by Sharon Ng and Angela Y. Lee.
    Chapter 1: History of Culture and Consumer Behavior and Future Research Directions / Sharon Ng and Angela Y. Lee -- Part I: Worldview, Knowledge Structure, and Emotion -- Chapter 2: Cultural Worldview and Cognition / Virginia S. Y. Kwan, Yexin J. Li, Andrew E. White, and Ryan P. Jacobson -- Chapter 3: Cultural Differences in Procedural Knowledge and Their Impact on Consumer Behavior / Robert S. Wyer, Jr. -- Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior, Culture, and Emotion / Jeanne L. Tsai, Louise Chim, and Tamara Sims -- Chapter 5: Categories of Cultural Variations / Sharon Shavitt and Minkyung Koo -- Part II: Attitudes, Persuasion, and Response Biases -- Chapter 6: Culture and Persuasion / Nidhi Agrawal -- Chapter 7: The Effects of Self-Construal Fit on Motivation, Attitudes, and Charitable Giving / Angela Y. Lee and Tonya Williams Bradford -- Chapter 8: Response Biases in Cross-Cultural Measurement / Hans Baumgartner and Bert Weijters -- Part III: Branding and Brand Relationships -- Chapter 9: Culture, Emotions, and Nation Equity / Cathy Yi Chen, Durairaj Maheswaran, Jie Wei, and Prashant Saxena -- Chapter 10: Globalization and Exclusionary Responses to Foreign Brands / Dongmei Li, Robert Kreuzbauer, and Chi-yue Chiu -- Chapter 11: Culture and Branding /Sharon Ng, Rohini Ahluwalia, and Michael J. Houston -- Chapter 12: Culture and Brand Relationships / Zeynep Gurhan-Canli and Gulen Sarial-Abi -- Chapter 13: Culture and Brand Iconicity / Carlos J. Torelli and Shirley Y. Y. Cheng -- Part IV: Culture and Consumption -- Chapter 14: Culture and Materialism /Russell Belk -- Chapter 15: Culture, Self-Regulation, and Impulsive Consumption /Akshay Rao
    Digital Access  OSO 2015