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    Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley.
    "It's time to get in line" -- Nearing death awareness: introduction and background. Nearing death awareness: an introduction -- Beginnings -- Reactions to death -- Nearing death awareness: what I am experiencing. "Where's the map?" -- Preparing for travel or change: "I'm getting ready to leave" -- Being in the presence of someone not alive: "I'm not alone" -- Seeing a place: "I see where I'm going" -- Knowing when death will occur: "It will be when ..." -- Nearing death awareness: what I need for a peaceful death. "We must go to the park" -- Needing reconciliation: "I need to make peace with ..." -- Being held back: "I'm stuck in between ..." -- Nonverbal communications: "My actions speak for me" -- Symbolic dreams: "I dreamed about ..." -- Choosing a time: "The time is right" -- Nearing death awareness: practical uses.
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