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    edited by Michael R. Hamblin, Ying-Ying Huang.
    Looking out the optical window : physical principles and instrumentation of imaging in photodynamic therapy / Hui Liu and Jonathan P. Celli
    Photochemistry and photophysics of PDT and photosensitizers / Marcin Ptaszek
    Phthalocyanines in photodynamic therapy / Heidi Abrahamse
    Singlet oxygen luminescence imaging : a prospective tool in bioscience? / Michael Pfitznera, Jan C. Schlothauera, Buhong Lib, and Beate Röder
    Microbial biofilms and antimicrobial photodynamic therapy / Anil Kishen
    High-content imaging for photosensitizer screening / Gisela M.F. Vaz, Mathias O. Senge, Sarah-Louise Ryan, and Anthony Davies
    Enhanced efficacy of photodynamic therapy (PDT) via an iron-lysosome-mitochondria connection : studies with phthalocyanine 4 / Anna-Liisa Nieminen, Hsin-I Hung, and John J. Lemasters
    Role of cell death pathways in response to photodynamic therapy in gliomas / Leonardo Barcelos de Paula, Fernando Lucas Primo, and Antonio Claudio Tedesco
    In the search of specific PDT photosensitizers : subcellular localization and cell death pathways / Tayana M. Tsubonea, Christiane Pavanib, Isabel O.L. Bacellara, and Maurício S. Baptistaa
    Quantum dots in PDT / Ricardas Rotomskis and Giedre Streckytea
    MRI : PDT theranostics tetrapyrrole-based theranostic combinations of photodynamic action and magnetic resonance imaging / Duygu Aydin Tekdas, Devrim Atilla, Vefa Ahsen, and Ayse Gül Gürek
    Theranostic applications of photodynamic molecular beacons / Wentao Song, Yang Zhou, and Jonathan F. Lovell
    Tumor specific imaging and photodynamic therapy targeting the urokinase receptor / Zafar Iqbal, Longguang Jiang, Zhuo Chen, Cai Yuan, Rui Li, Ke Zheng, Xiaolei Zhou, Jjincan Chen, Ping Hu, and Mingdong Huang
    Vascular imaging in photodynamic therapy / Bin Chen
    Photosensitizer activity imaging on the microscopic scale / Steffen Hackbarth
    Bioluminescence imaging for monitoring the effectiveness of photodynamic therapy for infections in animal models / Pawel Mroz and Michael R Hamblin
    Imaging of photosensitizers in skin / Marica B. Ericson, Danni Wang, Despina Kantere, John Paoli, and Ann-Marie Wennberg
    Brain tumor imaging with ALA / Herbert Stepp and Oliver Schnell
    PDT of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer with hexylester aminolevulinate : optimization of the illumination wavelengths by fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging / Matthieu Zellweger, Claude-André Porret, Norbert Lange, Patrice Jichlinski, Hubert van den Bergh and Georges Wagnières
    Endoscopic imaging and photodynamic therapy / Harubumi Kato, Kinya Furukawa, Jitsuo Usuda, Kuniharu Miyajima and Keishi Ohtani
    Spectroscopic imaging in prostate PDT / Rozhin Penjweini, Brian C. Wilson, and Timothy C. Zhu
    Fluorescent-guided resection in clinical oncology / Ron R. Allison.
    Digital Access TandFonline 2017