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    edited by Andrew J. Elliot, Mark D. Fairchild, and Anna Franklin.
    Part I. Introduction -- 1. Introduction and overview / Andrew J. Elliot, Mark D. Fairchild and Anna Franklin -- Part II. Foundations: basics of color science -- 2. Color models and systems / Mark D. Fairchild -- 3. Fundamentals of color vision I: color processing in the eye / Andrew Stockman and David H. Brainard -- 4. Fundamentals of color vision II: higher-order color processing / Karl R. Gegenfurtner and Robert Ennis -- 5. Evolution of color vision and its reflections in contemporary mammals / Gerald H. Jacobs -- 6. Some philosophical questions about color / Don Dedrick -- Part III. Development of and differences in color vision -- 7. Emergence and early development of color vision and color perception / Marc H. Bornstein -- 8. Color vision changes in normal aging / John L. Barbur and Marisa Rodriguez-Carmona -- 9. Individual differences in color vision / Michael A. Webster -- 10. Color vision deficiencies / Neil R.A. Parry -- Part IV. Color categorization -- 11. Universality of color categorization / Paul Kay -- 12. Color categorization across cultures / Jules Davidoff -- 13. Development of color categorization / Anna Franklin -- 14. The meaning of color words in a cross-linguistic perspective / Anna Wierzbicka -- Part V. Color symbolism and association -- 15. Early color symbolism / Ian Watts -- 16. Symbolic use of color in ritual, tradition, and folklore / John B. Hutchings -- 17. Color in camouflage, mimicry, and warning signals / Martin Stevens, Lina Maria Arenas and Alice E. Lown -- 18. Use of color in warnings / Michael S. Wogalter, Christopher B. Mayhorn and Olga A. Zielinska -- 19. Color emotion and color harmony / Li-chen Ou -- 20. Do metaphors color our perception of social life? / Brian P. Meier -- Part VI. Color preferences -- 21. Ecological aspects of color preference / Karen B. Schloss and Stephen E. Palmer -- 22. Biological, cultural, and developmental influences on color preferences / Anya Hurlbert and Angela Owen -- Part VII. Color effects on psychological and biological functioning -- 23. The role of color in the voluntary and involuntary guidance of selective attention / Charles L. Folk -- 24. Color and mate choice in non-human animals / James P. Higham and Sandra Winters -- 25. Color in romantic contexts in humans / Adam D. Pazda and Tobias Greitemeyer -- 26. Color in competition contexts in non-human animals / Joanna M. Setchell -- 27. Color in achievement contexts in humans / Markus A. Meier, Russell A. Hill, Andrew J. Elliot and Robert A. Barton -- 28. Color and face perception / Ian D. Stephen and David I. Perrett -- 29. Eating with our eyes: on the color of flavor / Charles Spence -- 30. Non-visual effects of colored light / Mark S. Rea and Mariana G. Figueiro -- Part VIII. Psychological effects on color perception -- 31. Memory effects on color perception / Christopher Witzel and Thorsten Hansen -- 32. Affect-related influences on color perception / Michael D. Robinson, Tianwei Liu and Jessica L. Bair -- Part IX. Color phenomena -- 33. Color appearance phenomena and visual illusions / Garrett M. Johnson -- 34. Synesthetic experiences of color / Jamie Ward.
    Digital Access  Cambridge 2015