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    edited by Alan H. Jobe, Jeffrey A. Whitsett, Steven H. Abman.
    The genetic programs regulating embryonic lung development and induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation / Finn Hawkins, Scott A Rankin, Darrell N. Kotton, and Aaron M. Zorn -- Early development of the mammalian lung-branching morphogenesis / Kathleen M. Stewart and Edward E. Morrisey -- Pulmonary vascular development / Timothy D. Le Cras and Marlene Rabinovitch -- Transcriptional mechanisms regulating pulmonary epithelial maturation : a systems biology approach / Jeffrey A. Whitsett and Yan Xu -- Environmental effects on lung morphogenesis and function : tobacco products, combustion products and other sources of pollution / Cindy T. McEvoy & Eliot R. Spindel -- Congenital malformations of the lung / Susan E. Wert and Kathryn A. Wikenheiser-Brokamp -- Lung structure at preterm and term birth / Jason C. Woods and Johannes C. Schittny -- Surfactant during lung development / Timothy E. Weaver, Lawrence M. Nogee, and Alan H. Jobe -- Initiation of breathing at birth / Arjan te Pas and Stuart Hooper -- Perinatal modifiers of lung structure and function / Suhas G. Kallapur and Sailesh Kotecha -- Chronic neonatal lung injury and care strategies to decrease injury / Robert P. Jankov and A. Keith Tanswel -- Apnea and control of breathing / Christopher C. Stryker, Andrew Dylag, and Richard J. Martin -- Alveolarization into adulthood / Manjith Narayanan -- Physiologic assessment of lung growth and development throughout infancy and childhood / Anne-Marie Gibson, Sarath Ranganathan, and Lex W Doyle -- Perinatal disruptions of lung development : mechanisms and implications for chronic lung diseases / Michael A. O'Reilly -- Lung growth through the "life course" and predictors and determinants of chronic respiratory disorders / Fernando D. Martinez -- The lung structure maintenance program : sustaining lung structure during adulthood and implications for COPD risk / Norbert F. Voelkel and Masahiro Sakagami.
    Digital Access  Cambridge 2016