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    Gokul Ramaswami.
    A-to-I RNA editing is an important post-transcriptional gene regulatory process. However, the field has been vastly understudied. Only recently have technologies emerged that can evaluate RNA editing transcriptome-wide. This dissertation provides insights into the abundance of RNA editing in the transcriptome and how this editing process is regulated in cis. In chapter 2, I describe a bioinformatics pipeline developed to accurately identify RNA editing sites from matched RNA and genomic DNA sequencing. In chapter 3, I extend the pipeline developed in chapter 2 to identify RNA editing sites using RNA sequencing data by itself. In chapter 4, I measure how RNA editing varies across a population of Drosophila melanogaster and identify genetic variants associated with changes in editing. In chapter 5, I extended the analyses in chapter 4 to human data from the GTEx project as well as develop a synthetic biology approach to systematically perturb editing substrates and finely characterize how changes in RNA structure affect RNA editing.
    Digital Access   2015