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  • Book
    edited by Darcia Narvaez, Kristin Valentino, Agustin Fuentes, James J. McKenna and Peter Gray.
    Digital : OSO2014
    1. Children's development in light of evolution and culture / Darcia Narvaez [and four others] -- 2. Epigenetics of mammalian parenting / Frances A. Champagne. Commentary. As time goes by, a touch is more than just a touch / Eric E. Nelson -- 3. Nonhuman primate models of mental health : early life experiences affect developmental trajectories / Amanda M. Dettmer, Stephen J. Suomi, and Katie Hinde. Commentary. Look how far we have come : a bit on consilience in elucidating the role of caregivers in relationship to their developing primate infants and children / James J. McKenna -- 4. Relationships and resource uncertainty : cooperative development of Efe hunter-gatherer infants and toddlers / Gilda Morelli, Paula Ivey Henry, and Steffen Foerster. Commentary. Social connectedness versus mothers on their own : research on hunter-gatherer tribes highlights the lack of support mothers and babies receive in the United States / Kathleen Kendall-Tackett -- 5. Batek childrearing and morality / Karen L. Endicott and Kirk M. Endicott. Commentary. Parenting in the modern jungle / Michael Jindra -- 6. Cosleeping beyond infancy : culture, ecology, and evolutionary biology of bed sharing among Aka foragers and Ngandu farmers of Central Africa / Barry S. Hewlett and Jennifer W. Roulette. Commentary. Intertwining the influences of culture and ecology broadens a definition of the importance of closeness in care / Wendy Middlemiss -- 7. Environment of evolutionary adaptedness, rough-and-tumble play, and the selection of restraint in human aggression / Douglas P. Fry. Commentary. Evolutionary adaptation and violent aggression : from myths to realities / Riane Eisler -- 8. Play theory of hunter-gatherer egalitarianism / Peter Gray. Commentary. Comparative studies of social play, fairness, and fitness : what we know and where we should be heading / Marc Bekoff -- 9. Incentives in the family I : the family firm, an evolutionary/economic theory for parent-offspring relations / Joan Roughgarden and Zhiyuan Song -- 10. Preliminary steps toward addressing the role of nonadult individuals in human evolution / Agustín Fuentes. Commentary. Conflict and evolution / Melvin Konner -- 11. Child maltreatment and early mother-child interactions / Kristin Valentino, Michelle Comas, and Amy K. Nuttall. Commentary. Ancestral attachment : how the evolutionary foundation of attachment informs our understanding of child maltreatment interventions / Alyssa N. Crittenden -- 12. Importance of the developmental perspective in evolutionary discussions of post-traumatic stress disorder / Robyn Bluhm and Ruth A. Lanius. Commentary. Modeling of complex post-traumatic stress disorder can benefit from careful integration of evolutionary and developmental accounts / Pierre Lienard -- 13. From the emergent drama of interpretation to enscreenment / Eugene Halton. Commentary. Darwinism and children / Jonathan Marks -- 14. Childhood environments and flourishing / Tracy R. Gleason and Darcia Narvaez -- 15. Postscript. Back to the future / James J. McKenna.