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  • Book
    edited by Nancy A. Obuchowski and G. Scott Gazelle.
    Imaging technology assessment / Pari V. Pandharipande, G. Scott Gazelle
    Clinical trials of therapy / Sayeh Lavasani, Ali Mahinbakht, Anthony F. Shields
    Clinical trials of image guided interventions including radiotherapy studies / Gary S. Dorfman, Stephen M. Hahn
    Imaging as predictor of therapeutic response / David A. Mankoff, Anthony F. Shields
    Screening trials and design / Constance D. Lehman, Diana L. Miglioretti
    Practicalities of running a trial / Michael T. Lu, Elizabeth C. Adami, Udo Hoffmann
    Statistical issues in study design / Nancy A. Obuchowski
    Introduction to biostatistical methods / Diana L. Miglioretti, Todd A. Alonzo, Nancy A. Obuchowski
    Methods of studies of diagnostic tests / Jeffrey D. Blume
    Methods for quantitative imaging biomarker studies / Alicia Y. Toledano, Nancy A. Obuchowski
    Introduction to cost-effectiveness analysis in clinical trials / Ruth C. Carlos, G. Scott Gazelle.
    Digital Access Wiley 2016