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    Karthik Gunasekaran, N Pandiyan, editors.
    Summary: The book aims to bring into focus the current understanding of male reproduction and the pathological basis of failure to reproduce in men. Infertility in men is a common disorder. However, attempts at scientific study of male infertility are of very recent origin. Many questions about the physiology and pathophysiology of male reproduction are still not clear. The chapters are written by authorities in the field with great clinical experience. The primary focus would be on clinical perspective; however emphasis would also be placed on basic research and molecular biology. .

    Physiology and endocrinology
    Clinical approach to male infertility
    Semen analysis
    Abnormal semen analysis
    Sperm preparation techniques
    Sperm freezing
    Medical management of male infertility
    Surgical management of male infertility
    Counseling for male infertility
    Ethics of treating infertility in men
    Sexual dysfunction and male infertility
    Genetics of male infertility
    Sperm retrieval techniques
    Male infertility and ART
    Imaging in male infertility.
    Digital Access Springer 2017