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  • Book
    Jody Ranck, editor.
    Digital : Springer2016
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Health -- Chapter 2: Overview of the Digital Health Ecosystem -- Chapter 3: Diabetes and the Telcare Solution (Jonathan Javitt, Telcare) -- Chapter 4: Cooperation in Aging Services Technologies -- Chapter 5: The Quantified Self, Wearables, and the Tracking Revolution -- Chapter 6: Beyond Silos to Data Analytics for Population Health: Case Study of HealthBank and Citizen Coops for Health Data Transactions -- Chapter 7: Healthcare Lessons From the Telecommunications Sector (Sven Schuchardt, Detecon) -- Chapter 8: Smart Healthy Cities: Public-Private Partnerships, a Case From Telefonica in Brazil [Jody Ranck, Katia Galvane (Telefonica), Washington Tavares (ISPM)] -- Chapter 9: Smart Digital Health Policies (Ticia Gerber, HL7) -- Chapter 10: Cooperation for Building Secure Standards for Health Data (Cem Senturk, Detecon) -- Chapter 11: Peer to Peer Platforms for Physicians in Underserved Areas: A Human Rights Approach to Social Media in Medicine: The Case of Tabeeb (Osama Alshaykh).