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    Jerrold Lerman, Charles J. Coté, David J. Steward.
    Chapter 1. Foundations of Pediatric Anesthesia
    Chapter 2. Anatomy and Physiology
    Chapter 3. Clinical Pharmacology
    Chapter 4. Techniques and Procedures
    Chapter 5. Regional Analgesia Techniques
    Chapter 6. Medical Conditions Influencing Anesthetic Management
    Chapter 7. Postoperative Care and Pain Management
    Chapter 8. Neurosurgery and Invasive Neuroradiology
    Chapter 9. Ophthalmology
    Chapter 10. Otorhinolaryngology
    Chapter 11. Dental Surgery
    Chapter 12. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Chapter 13. General and Thoraco-abdominal Surgery
    Chapter 14. Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiologic Procedures
    Chapter 15. Orthopedic Surgery
    Chapter 16. Urologic Investigation and Surgery
    Chapter 17. Trauma, Including Acute Burns and Scalds
    Chapter 18. Anesthesia outside the operating room
    Appendix 1. Anesthesia
    Appendix 2. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Including Neonatal Resuscitation
    Appendix 3. Drug Doses
    Digital Access Springer 2016