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    M.A. Farage, K.W. Miller, H.I. Maibach, editors.
    Part I. Basic sciences/physiology/histology
    Part II. Molecular biology and metabolism
    Part III. Endogenous and exogenous factors
    Part IV. Disease state/conditions with aging
    Part V. Techniques, methods, and tools
    Part VI. Toxicology/safety and microbiology
    Part VII. Genomics
    Part VIII. Skin scales and typing system
    Part IX. Skin health, nutrition, resilience, rejuvenation, and management of aging skin
    Part X. Psychosocial implications
    Part XI. Aging perception
    Part XII. Gender, ethnicity, and lifestyle differences
    Part XIII. Sensitive skin and aging
    Part XIV. Ingredients, products, and cosmetics for aging skin beauty
    Part XV. Cosmetic surgeries
    Part XVI. Mind/skin/body interaction
    Part XVII. Global market place, social and emotional aspects for the aged
    Digital Access Springer 2017