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  • Book
    Ellen B. Fung, Laura K. Bachrach, Aenor J. Sawyer, editors.
    Digital : Springer2016
    1. Rationale for bone health assessment in childhood and adolescence -- 2. Tools for measuring bone in children and adolescents -- 3. Dual-energy X-Ray absorptiomery technology -- 4. Indications for DXA in children and adolescents -- 5. Acquisition of DXA in children and adolescents -- 6. Analysis and evaluation of DXA in children and adolescents -- 7. Reporting DXA results for children and adolescents -- 8. DXA evaluation of infants and toddlers -- 9. DXA in children with special needs -- 10. Bone mineral density as a predictor of vertebral fractures in children and adolescents -- 11. Lessons learned from clinical research using QCT, pQCT, and HR-pQCT -- 12. Evaluation of fracture without known trauma: use of DXA in differential diagnosis -- 13. What's next in the field of bone health in pediatrics? Research considerations -- Appendix A -- Appendix B -- Appendix C -- Appendix D -- Index.