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    edited by Damien Coyle.
    Digital : ScienceDirect2016
    Part I: User training. Advances in user-training for mental-imagery-based BCI control: Psychological and cognitive factors and their neural correlates / C. Jeunet, B. N?Kaoua, F. Lotte -- Part II: Non-invasive decoding of 3D hand and arm movements. From classic motor imagery to complex movement intention decoding: The noninvasive Graz-BCI approach / G.R. Müller-Putz, A. Schwarz, J. Pereira, P. Ofner -- 3D hand motion trajectory prediction from EEG mu and beta bandpower / A. Korik, R. Sosnik, N. Siddique, D. Coyle -- Multisession, noninvasive closed-loop neuroprosthetic control of grasping by upper limb amputees / H.A. Agashe, A.Y. Paek, J.L. Contreras-Vidal -- Part III: Patients studies and clinical applications. Brain?computer interfaces in the completely locked-in state and chronic stroke / U. Chaudhary, N. Birbaumer, A. Ramos-Murguialday -- Brain?machine interfaces for rehabilitation of poststroke hemiplegia / J. Ushiba, S.R. Soekadar -- Neural and cortical analysis of swallowing and detection of motor imagery of swallow for dysphagia rehabilitation?A review / H. Yang, K.K. Ang, C. Wang, K.S. Phua, C. Guan -- A cognitive brain?computer interface for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / M.R. Hohmann, T. Fomina, V. Jayaram, N. Widmann, C. Förster, J. Just, M. Synofzik, B. Schölkopf, L. Schöls, M. Grosse-Wentrup -- Brain?computer interfaces for patients with disorders of consciousness / R.M. Gibson, A.M. Owen, D. Cruse -- Part IV: Non-medical applications. A passive brain?computer interface application for the mental workload assessment on professional air traffic controllers during realistic air traffic control tasks / P. Aricò, G. Borghini, G. Di Flumeri, A. Colosimo, S. Pozzi, F. Babiloni -- 3D graphics, virtual reality, and motion-onset visual evoked potentials in neurogaming / R. Beveridge, S. Wilson, D. Coyle -- Part V: BCI in practice and usability considerations. Interfacing brain with computer to improve communication and rehabilitation after brain damage / A. Riccio, F. Pichiorri, F. Schettini, J. Toppi, M. Risetti, R. Formisano, M. Molinari, L. Astolfi, F. Cincotti, D. Mattia -- BCI in practice / D.J. McFarland, T.M. Vaughan.