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    Rajiv Shah.
    1. Foot and ankle examination
    2. Radiology in foot and ankle
    3. Rational prescription of foot and ankle orthotics
    4. In the foot and ankle operation theater
    4. Ten commandments of foot and ankle trauma management
    6. Tips, tricks, and management algorithm for foot and ankle injuries
    7. Foot and ankle malunions
    8. Deformity correction: foot and ankle
    9. Soft tissues are equally important
    10. Plantar heel pain
    11. Growing with flat feet: childhood to adulthood
    12. Lucid approach and simplistic management of diabetic foot
    13. Common foot and ankle infections: diagnosis and management
    14. Art of arthrodesis in foot and ankle
    15. Dealing with tendo achilles problems!
    16. Setting up of foot and ankle practice
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