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    edited by Ajay Kumar Mishra.
    High-technology therapy using biomolecules or synthetic compounds for hiv inhibition
    Emerging nanomedicine approaches for osteochondral tissue regeneration
    Synthesis of poly(methacrylate) encapsulated magnetite nanoparticles via phosphonic acid anchoring chemistry and its applications toward biomedicine
    Potentiometric PVC membrane sensors and their analytical applications in pharmaceuticals and environmental samples at micro- and nano-level
    Bioceramics: silica-based organic-inorganic hybrid materials for medical applications
    Recent advances of multifunctional nanomedicines
    Nanomedicinal approaches for diabetes management
    Polymeric nanofibers in regenerative medicine
    Drug delivery and therapeutics
    Multifunctional nano/micro polymer capsules as potential drug delivery and imaging agents
    Nanophosphors-nanogold immunoconjugates in isolation of biomembranes and in drug delivery
    Cyclodextrin-based nanoengineered drug delivery system
    Medicinal patches and drug nanoencapsulation: a noninvasive alternative
    Dendrimers: a class of polymer in the nanotechnology for drug delivery
    Designing nanocarriers for drug delivery
    Multifunctional polymeric micelles for drug delivery and therapeutics
    Nanoparticles-based carriers for gene therapy and drug delivery.
    Digital Access Wiley 2013