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    edited by Walter A. Korfmacher.
    Digital : Wiley2013
    1. Overview of the various types of mass spectrometers that are used in drug discovery and drug development / Gerard Hopfgartner -- 2. Utility of high resolution mass spectrometry for new drug discovery applications / William Bart Emary and Nanyan Rena Zhang -- 3. Quantitative mass spectrometry considerations in a regulated environment / Mohammed Jemal and Yuan-Qing Xia -- 4. Mass spectrometry for quantitative in vitro ADME assays / Jun Zhang and Wilson Z. Shou -- 5. Metabolite identification using mass spectrometry in drug development / Natalia Penner, Joanna Zgoda-Pols, and Chandra Prakash -- 6. MS analysis of biological drugs, proteins, and peptides / Yi Du, John Mehl, and Pavlo Pristatsky -- 7. Characterization of impurities and degradation products in small molecule pharmaceuticals and biologics / Hui Wei, Guodong Chen and Adrienne A. Tymiak -- 8. Liquid extraction surface analysis (LESA) : a new mass spectrometry-based technique for ambient surface profiling / Dan Eikel and Jack Henion -- 9. MS applications in support of medicinal chemistry sciences / Maarten Honing, Benno Ingelse, and Birendraÿ N. Pramanik -- 10. Imaging mass spectrometry of proteins and peptides / Michelle L. Reyzer and Richard M. Caprioli -- 11. Imaging mass spectrometry for drugs and metabolites / Stacey R. Oppenheimer -- 12. Screening reactive metabolites : role of liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry in combination with 'intelligent' data mining tools / Shuguang Ma and Swapan K. Chowdhury -- 13. Mass spectrometry of siRNA / Mark Cancilla and Mike Flanagan -- 14. Mass spectrometry for metabolomics / Petia Shipkova and Michael D. Reily -- 15. Quantitative analysis of peptides with mass spectrometry : selected reaction monitoring or high resolution full scan? / Lieve Dillen and Filip Cuyckens.