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    edited by Guruprasad Madhavan, Barbara Oakley, Luis Kun ; editorial by Joachim Nagel ; foreword by Robert Langer ; introduction by Bruce Alberts ; afterword by Shu Chien.
    What makes a bioengineer and a biotechnologist? / Robert A. Linsenmeier, David W. Gatchell -- Bioengineering and biotechnology: a European perspective / Joachim H. Nagel -- Bioengineering and biotechnology: an Asia-Pacific perspective / Makoto Kikuchi, James C.H. Goh -- Employment outlook and motivation for career preparation / John D. Enderle -- Academic research and teaching / Nitish V. Thakor -- Teaching colleges and universities / Maria E. Squire -- Industry research and management / Mark W. Kroll -- Independent research laboratories / David J. Schlyer -- Public sector research, development, and regulation / Jove Graham -- Clinical medicine and healthcare / Leann M. Lesperance -- Intellectual property law / Kenneth H. Sonnenfeld -- Clinical engineering / Jennifer McGill -- Entrepreneurship in medical device technologies / Dany Bérubé -- Entrepreneurship in pharmaceutical and biological drug discovery and development / Robert G.L. Shorr -- Human implantable technologies / Joseph H. Schulman -- Specialized careers in healthcare / Charles H. Kachmarik, Jr. -- Finance and investment industry / Kristi A. Tange -- Regulatory affairs / Ronald A. Guido, Alan V. McEmber -- Clinical research careers / Kathi G. Durdon -- Science and technology policy / Luis G. Kun -- Forensic psychology / Diana M. Falkenbach -- Energy / Mary E. Reidy -- Technology transfer / Eugene B. Krentsel -- Politics and legislation / David R. Koon -- Social entrepreneurship / Robert A. Malkin -- Technology and management consulting / Guruprasad Madhavan -- Expert witness and litigation consulting / John G. Webster -- Public relations / Cynthia Isaac -- Sales and marketing / Jason M. Alter -- Sports engineering / Celeste Baine -- Writing non-fiction books / Barbara A. Oakley -- Emerging innovative careers / Guruprasad Madhavan, Jennifer A. Flexman, Aimee L. Betker -- Holistic engineering: the dawn of a new era for the profession / Domenico Grasso, David Martinelli -- On searching for new genes: a 21st century DNA for higher education and lifelong learning / Rick L. Smyre -- Protean professionalism and career development / Steven Kerno, Jr. -- Leadership through social artistry / Jean Houston -- Career and life management skills for success / Bala S. Prasanna -- Perspectives on ethical development: reflections from life and profession / Jerry C. Collins -- Technology development and citizen engagement / Joseph O. Malo -- In defense of science and technology / Elizabeth M. Whelan -- Science, ethics, and human destiny / John c. Polanyi -- Motives, ethics, and responsibility in research and technology development / Subrata Saha, Pamela Saha -- Science and technology policy for social development / Semahat S. Demir -- Medicine and health safety / Richard A. Baird, Roderic I. Pettigrew -- Patient safety: building a triangle of importance / T.K. Partha Sarathy -- Design of appropriate medical technologies: engineering social responsibility and awareness / Nigel H. Lovell -- Ubiquitous healthcare: a fundamental right in the civilized world / Pradeep Ray, Dhanjoo Ghista -- Towards affordable and accessible healthcare systems / Xiaofei F. Teng, Yuan-Ting Zhang -- From war to law via science / John C. Polanyi -- Science and technology for sustainable well-being / Rajendra K. Pachauri -- Nonviolence for technocrats / Arun M. Gandhi -- Humanistic science and technology for a hunger-free world / M.S. Swaminathan -- Feeding the hungry / Norman E. Borlaug -- Environmental consciousness and sustainable engineering design / Raghav Narayanan, Ashbindu Singh -- Improving public health quality and equity through effective use of technology / Andrei Issakov, S. Yunkap Kwankam -- Information sharing in the 21st century / Vinton G. Cerf -- Energy and sustainability in the 21st century / John P. Holdren -- Health and human rights: a global mandate / Sarah Hall Gueldner -- Gender equality: progress and challenges / Yunfeng Wu, Yachao Zhou, Metin Akay -- Complexity: mastering the interdependence of biology, engineering and health / Yaneer Bar-Yam -- Enhancing humanity / Raymond C. Tallis -- Translational research / Gail D. Baura -- Research paving the way for therapeutics and diagnostics / Dieter Falkenhagen -- Interdisciplinary collaboration and competency development / Joaquin Azpiroz Leehan -- The 21st century mind: the roles of a futures institute / Rick L. Smyre -- Accelerating innovation in the 21st century / Ralph W. Wyndrum, Jr. -- Benign application of knowledge through evolutionary theory / David Sloan Wilson -- Honor thy profession / Max E. Valentinuzzi -- Technical leadership: an international imperative / Barry L. Shoop -- The art of achieving the menschhood / Guy Kawasaki -- Ten questions for individual leadership development / John C. Maxwell.
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