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    Ashraf Ayoub, Balvinder Khambay, Philip Benington and Khursheed Moos, Lyndia Green, Fraser Walker.
    Summary: This handbook provides a short, contemporary text on the management of dentofacial deformities. The importance of a well organised, inter-disciplinary approach is emphasised throughout and the following key areas are presented: A detailed account of the role of the psychologist, from initial assessment through to post-operative support. A systematic approach to dentofacial assessment, including a section on diagnostic records and an overview of cephalometry. A logical step-by-step approach to treatment planning, emphasising the interactive thought process required.

    Psychological considerations for the orthognathic patient
    Dentofacial assessment
    The treatment planning process
    The role of orthodontics
    Orthognathic technical procedures
    Prediction planning
    Basic orthognathic surgical procedures
    High level osteotomies
    Case reports.
    Digital Access Wiley 2013