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    Esteban Domingo, Peter Schuster, editors.
    What is a quasispecies?- Historical origins and current scope
    The nucleation of semantic information in prebiotic matter
    Evolution of RNA-based networks
    Quasispecies on fitness landscapes
    Mathematical models of quasispecies theory and exact results for the dynamics
    Theoretical Models of Generalized Quasispecies
    Theories of lethal mutagenesis: from error catastrophe to lethal defection
    Estimating fitness of viral quasispecies from next-generation sequencing data
    Getting to know viral evolutionary strategies: Towards the next generation of quasispecies models
    Cooperative Interaction within RNA Virus Mutant Spectra
    Arenavirus Quasispecies And Their Biological Implications
    Models of viral population dynamics
    Fidelity variants and RNA quasispecies
    Antiviral strategies based on lethal mutagenesis and error threshold.
    Digital Access Springer 2016