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    Esteban Domingo, Peter Schuster, editors.
    Digital : Springer2016
    What is a quasispecies?- Historical origins and current scope -- The nucleation of semantic information in prebiotic matter -- Evolution of RNA-based networks -- Quasispecies on fitness landscapes -- Mathematical models of quasispecies theory and exact results for the dynamics -- Theoretical Models of Generalized Quasispecies -- Theories of lethal mutagenesis: from error catastrophe to lethal defection -- Estimating fitness of viral quasispecies from next-generation sequencing data -- Getting to know viral evolutionary strategies: Towards the next generation of quasispecies models -- Cooperative Interaction within RNA Virus Mutant Spectra -- Arenavirus Quasispecies And Their Biological Implications -- Models of viral population dynamics -- Fidelity variants and RNA quasispecies -- Antiviral strategies based on lethal mutagenesis and error threshold.