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    [edited by] William H. Rosenblatt, Wanda M. Popescu.
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    PART A. Upper Airway -- Section I. Evaluation and basic management of the difficult airway patient -- Section II. Preexisting conditions -- Section III. Otolaryngology -- Section IV. Maxillofacial -- Section V. Nasal intubation -- Section VI. Tracheostomy -- Section VII. foreign bodies adult -- Section VIII. Pediatrics -- Section IX. C-Spine -- Section X. Techniques -- Section XI. Extubation -- Section XII. Out of the OR -- Section XIII. Invasive airway rescue -- PART B. Lower Airway -- Section I. Interventional Pulmonary -- Section II. Lung isolation devices and techniques -- Section III. Airway surgery -- Section IV. Surgeries requiring lung isolation -- Section V. Preexisting conditions -- Section VI. Congenital abnormalities of the lower airway -- Section VII. Lung transplant -- Section VIII. Lower airway emergencies.