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    edited by Paul K. Kleinman, MD, FAAP, Department of Radiology, Boston Children's Hospital, and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
    Digital : Cambridge2015
    1. The skeleton: structure, growth and development, and basis of skeletal injury / Andrew E. Rosenberg -- 2. Skeletal trauma: general considerations / Paul K. Kleinman, Andrew E. Rosenberg and Andy Tsai -- 3. The lower extremity / Paul K. Kleinman -- 4. The upper extremity / Paul K. Kleinman -- 5. Bony thoracic trauma / Paul K. Kleinman -- 6. Dating fractures / Michelle M. Walters and Paul K. Kleinman -- 7. Differential diagnosis I: diseases, dysplasias and syndromes simulating abuse / Paul K. Kleinman and Paula W. Brill -- 8. Differential diagnosis II: disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism / Ingrid Holm and Jeannette M. Perez-Rossello -- 9. Differential diagnosis III: osteogenesis imperfecta / Ralph S. Lachman, Deborah Krakow and Paul Kleinman -- 10. Differential diagnosis IV: accidental trauma / Paul K. Kleinman -- 11. Differential diagnosis V: obstetric trauma / Paul K. Kleinman -- 12. Differential diagnosis VI: normal variants / Paul K. Kleinman -- 13. Evidence-based radiology and child abuse / Christopher S. Greeley -- 14. Skeletal imaging strategies / Paul K. Kleinman -- 15. Postmortem imaging / Paul K. Kleinmante -- 16. Abusive head and spinal trauma: clinical and biomechanical considerations / Lori D. Frasier and Brittany Coats -- 17. Abusive head and spinal trauma: scalp, subscalp and cranium / Paul K. Kleinman, Brittany Coats and V. Michelle Silvera -- 18. Abusive head and spinal trauma: extraaxial hemorrhage and non-hemic collections / Gary L. Hedlund -- 19. Abusive head and spinal trauma: parenchymal injury / P. Ellen Grant -- 20. Abusive head and spinal trauma: intracranial imaging strategies / V. Michelle Silvera, P. Ellen Grant, Gary L. Hedlund and Paul K. Kleinman -- 21. Abusive head and spinal trauma: abusive craniocervical junction and spinal trauma / Paul K. Kleinman and V. Michelle Silvera --: 22. Visceral trauma / Katherine Nimkin and Paul K. Kleinman -- 23. Miscellaneous forms of abuse and neglect / Paul K. Kleinman -- 24. Psychosocial considerations / Alice W. Newton and Amy C. Tishelman -- 25. Child abuse and the law I: general issues for the radiologist / Sandeep K. Narang -- 26. Child abuse and the law II: the radiologist in court and fundamental legal issues / Martha Coakley -- 27. The radiologist's response to child abuse / Paul K. Kleinman -- 28. Radiological image formation: physical principles, technology and radiation dose considerations / Andrew Karellas and Srinivasan Vedantham -- 29. The physics and biology of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): medical miracle anyone? / Robert V. Mulkern -- 30. Quality assurance and radiographic skeletal survey standards / Patricia L. Kleinman -- Index.