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    volume editor, Tetsuo Himi, Kenichi Takano.
    Clinical review of cochlear implantation performed at Sapporo Medical University Hospital / Ogasawara, N., Takano, K., Shintani, T., Saikawa, E., Takahashi, N., Ito, F., Himi, T. -- Cochlear implantation in children with cochlear malformation / Saikawa, E., Takano, K., Ogasawara, N., Tsubomatsu, C., Takahashi, N., Shirasaki, H., Himi, T. -- Congenital microtia treated at Sapporo Medical University Hospital : clinical characteristics and associated anomalies / Ogasawara, N., Jitsukawa, S., Takahashi, N., Takano, K., Himi, T. -- Influence of age on caloric response / Jitsukawa, S., Takano, K., Ito, F., Tsubomatsu, C., Himi, T. -- Pneumolabyrinth with labyrinthitis as the suspected cause / Nomura, K., Takano, K., Yamamoto, K., Abe, A., Takahashi, N., Okuni, T., Himi, T. -- Behavior of primary cilia and tricellular tight junction proteins during differentiation in temperature-sensitive mouse cochlear precursor hair cells / Kakuki, T., Kaneko, Y., Takano, K., Ninomiya, T., Kohno, T., Kojima, T., Himi, T. -- Relationship between otitis media and epithelial function in the lymphoepithelium of pediatric adenoids / Ogasawara, N., Yamamoto, K., Takano, K., Himi, T. -- Role of cysteinyl leukotrienes in allergic rhinitis / Shirasaki, H., Himi, T. -- Radiological assessment of the anatomy of frontal recess cells and the Anterior ethmoidal artery / Okuni, T., Takano, K., Nomura, K., Yamashita, K., Abe, A., Ito, F., Murayama, K., Shirasaki, H., Himi, T. -- Nasal mucosal expression of the receptors for inflammatory chemical mediators / Shirasaki, H., Kanaizumi, E., Seki, N., Kikuchi, M., Himi, T. -- Adenovirus-mediated ICOSIg gene therapy in a presensitized murine model of allergic rhinitis / Sato, J., Konno, N., Murakami, M., Uede, T., Himi, T. -- A Novel drug delivery system for the human nasal epithelium / Takano, K., Kojima, T., Keira, T., Miyata, R., Nomura, K., Kakuki, T., Kaneko, Y., Yajima, R., Kakiuchi, A., Himi, T. -- Role of crosstalk between epithelial and Immune cells, the epimmunome, in allergic rhinitis pathogenesis / Kamekura, R., Yamashita, K., Jitsukawa, S., Nagaya, T., Ito, F., Ichimiya, S., Himi, T. -- A clinical study of maxillary sinus squamous cell carcinoma / Kondo, A., Kurose, M., Obata, K., Yamamoto, K., Murayama, K., Shirasaki, H., Himi, T. -- A clinical review of thyroid cancer at Sapporo Medical University Hospital / Koizumi, J., Takano, K., Obata, K., Yamamoto, K., Murayama, K., Himi, T. -- Junctional Adhesion Molecule-A in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma / Kurose, M., Kakuki, T., Takano, K., Kondo, A., Obata, K., Nomura, K., Miyata, R., Kaneko, Y., Konno, T., Kohno, T., Kojima, T., Himi, T. -- Expression of inflammasome-associated proteins in human oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma / Takano, K., Kondo, A., Kurose, M., Yamashita, K., Nomura, K., Obata, K., Murayama, K., Ito, F., Himi, T. -- Diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in children / Tsubomatsu, C., Abe, A., Yajima, R., Takahashi, N., Ito, F., Takano, K., Himi, T. -- Expression and localization of human defensins in palatine tonsils / Kamekura, R., Imai, R., Takano, K., Yamashita, K., Jitsukawa, S., Nagaya, T., Ito, F., Hirao, M., Tsubota, H., Himi, T. -- Studies of tonsils in basic and clinical perspectives : from the past to the future / Yamashita, K., Ichimiya, S., Kamekura, R., Nagaya, T., Jitsukawa, S., Matsumiya, H., Takano, K., Himi, T. -- A case study of anisakiasis in the palatine tonsils / Takano, K., Okuni, T., Murayama, K., Himi, T.
    Digital Access  Karger 2016