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    edited by Stephen H. Koslow, Pedro Ruiz, Charles B. Nemeroff.
    Introduction: looking to the future: how can research prevent suicide? / Stephen H. Koslow, Pedro Ruiz and Charles B. Nemeroff; Section 1. Understanding Suicide -- Brief history of suicide in Western cultures / Leonardo Tondo -- Global epidemiology of suicide / Pedro Ruiz -- Identification and screening of suicide risk / Kelly Posner, Jacqueline Buchanan, Leora Amira, Kseniya Yershova, Adam Lesser, and Erica Goldstein -- Rethinking suicide risk assessment and risk formulation / Alan L. Berman and Morton M. Silverman -- High-risk cognitive states / Gregory K. Brown and Kelly L. Green -- Suicide clusters and suicide contagion / Alison M. Lake and Madelyn S. Gould -- Ethnicity: how much of our understanding of suicide is applicable across ethnic cultures? / Donna Holland Barnes, William B. Lawson and Kelsey Ball -- Suicide-related bereavement and grief / M. Katherine Shear and Sidney Zisook -- Statistics / Robert D. Gibbons -- Section 2. Suicidal Comorbidities -- Current and chronic signs and symptoms / Jan Fawcett -- Anxiety, depression, and suicide: epidemiology, pathophysiology, and prevention / Giampaolo Perna and Alan F. Schatzberg -- Suicide in schizophrenia / Philip D. Harvey and Stacey Espaillat -- Personality disorders and suicide / Katharine J. Nelson, Michael J. Miller, Alexandra Zagoloff, Melinda K. Westlund, and S. Charles Schulz -- Suicide and substance use disorders / Timothy W. Lineberry and Kathleen T. Brady -- Eating disorders and suicide / April R. Smith, Tracy K. Witte and Scott J. Crow -- Suicidality and epilepsy: a complex relationship / Andres M. Kanner -- Section 3. Special Populations -- Suicidal ideation and behavior during pregnancy and the postpartum period / Jessica Coker and Zachary N. Stowe -- Childhood and adolescence / Tina R. Goldstein, Jeffrey A. Bridge, and David A. Brent -- Indigenous/native populations / Deborah Goebert -- Bullying and suicidality in youth / Anat Brunstein Klomek and Madelyn S. Gould -- College students / Amanda L. McMillan and Steven J. Garlow -- Suicide in older adults / Yeates Conwell and Kimberly Van Orden -- Armed forces / James A. Naifeh, Matthew K. Nock and Robert J. Ursano -- Medical illness / Gary J. Kennedy and Anne Rohs -- Suicide in the criminal justice system / Steve Leifman and Tim Coffey -- Section 4. Treatment -- Reduction of suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder patients during long-term treatment with lithium / Leonardo Tondo and Ross J. Baldessarini -- Clozapine / David W. Ayer and Herbert Y. Meltzer -- Antidepressants / Molly Ryan and Charles B. Nemeroff -- Emergency department identification, assessment, and management of the suicidal patient / Collin L. Davidson, Jennifer H. Olson-Madden, Marian E. Betz and Michael H. Allen -- Psychosocial approaches to reduce suicidal behavior / Anne C. Ward, Catherine R. Glenn, Matthew K. Nock and Michael W. Otto -- Section 5. Research: Mediators and Moderators -- Genome-wide association studies of suicidal behaviors / Marcus Sokolowski, Jerzy Wasserman, and Danuta Wasserman -- Epigenetics / Benoit Labonte; and Gustavo Turecki -- The use of neuroimaging to investigate the pathophysiology of suicide / Christopher R. Bailey, Allison M. Greene, and Alexander Neumeister -- Brain serotonin in suicides with psychological autopsy / Victoria Arango and Helene Bach -- The noradrenergic system in depression and suicide / Michelle J. Chandley and Gregory A. Ordway -- Brain corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in suicide / Ghanshyam N. Pandey -- Receptor signaling in suicide / Yogesh Dwivedi -- Section 6. Suicide Prevention -- Strategies to improve suicide prevention / Sarah A. Struthers and Robert M.A. Hirschfeld -- Safety planning to prevent suicidal behavior / Barbara Stanley, Emily A. Biggs and Gregory K. Brown -- Contracting for safety / Michael Craig Miller -- Suicide and the media / Jane Pirkis and R. Warwick Blood.
    Digital Access  Cambridge 2014